We Make Teaching LIVE Masterclasses  Easy By Doing It For You.
OR, we'll do it with you, if you're into that kinda thing....
Why you need the Live Masterclass Launch System™  
Implement one of the most popular, time-tested marketing funnels of all time. There is a reason that many of the top marketers leverage the traditional 3 to 4-part video series to launch their products and services.

However, it is done with a twist!...
We’ll work with you to get your live masterclass video series launch off the ground  and add some new modern elements that have skyrocketed profits for our clients.

The live masterclass video series launch is 2-3 days long where you teach 2-4 hours & it's streamed  on Facebook™ Live and YouTube Live simultaneously
Why you need the Live Masterclass Launch System™?
  • A proven way to build your list and drive sales
  • Build your "know, like, and trust" factor quickly
  • Engage with the quality leads that attend the full masterclass
  • The fastest way to build a  relationship with your audience while delivering value 
  • Leverage a proven framework to educate, nurture and convert new subscribers
  • Drive revenue instantly and let this system run on auto-pilot
Hear from the CEO of Speaking Empire, Dustin Mathews
Who's it For
If you feel comfortable on camera, you’re at a great starting point to leverage this live video system in your business. You have to truly understand the problem you’re solving for your audience and have a product that solves your ideal prospects problem. If you’re new to marketing and or have no product, I wouldn’t start here.

We will help organize a live masterclass video series that educates and nurtures your subscribers and create specific campaigns to engage them before, during, and after you teach your masterclass.
Strategy Kick Off Call
We’ll get a good understanding of your goals and the assets you have to work with and acquire any and all information we need about your launch to schedule your masterclass, create promotional campaigns, (before, during, and after) and build your funnels.
Implementation Time
Once we have the required assets from you, we’ll build out and test your video series funnel before going live, test the streaming of your masterclass content, and build out the promotional campaigns of paid traffic & communication strategy. 
Go LIVE Walkthrough/DFY 
We’ll hop back on a call to walk you through how the masterclass system funnel will work, and follow up campaigns that will be run on auto-pilot, answer any questions, and make any final adjustments before you start adding leads to your new marketing funnel. This will also be the stage of us  streaming the whole masterclass and you don't have to touch a thing  :)
What LIVE Video Lab Will Deliver
  • Implementation of our go to 4-Part Live Masterclass System™ Video Series funnel 
  • Implementation of 3 Facebook™ Messenger Funnels (the special sauce)
  • Setup of your Product Fulfillment on Facebook Messenger + funnel created on Website
  • Dashboards for KPI’s
  • Kickoff strategy session
  • Streaming content testing + execution
  • Funnel testing, walkthrough, & execution
  • All landing pages designed and setup for integration with your funnel
What You'll Need To Do
  • Show up to all necessary calls
  • Complete your homework assignments in a timely manner
  • Deliver required copy based on LIVE Video Lab's direction
  • Deliver required graphics + video assets based on LIVE Video Lab's direction
  • Kickoff strategy session
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