Map Out Your LIVE Video Marketing Funnel & Content Strategy in Just 2 Days at Your In-Person with Monique
If You Want To Accelerate Your Growth with Video, Your Business Needs A Roadmap.  
This 1-on-1 Strategy Experience Will Give You A
Clear Path On What Needs To Be Done.
Sometimes, all it takes is an objective review of your business by someone that has been behind-the-scenes of 6 & 7 figure businesses to uncover opportunities and identify a clear path for integrating live streaming video. 
If something isn't working, it's easier to go and mimic or "stream hack & funnel hack" aka reverse engineer what others are doing. The problem with that – the person you're mimicking designed their strategy for their business and their audience, not yours.

Whatever you’re trying to accomplish with your live video marketing funnels and content strategies, Monique can give you an action plan that’s perfectly customized for your business and your audience. Monique has helped many 7-Figure entrepreneurs reach at least 5-figures in sales pf products/services in a fairly short amount of time. She can help you redesign your live video marketing funnel & content strategy too.
It’s Your 2 Days. What Will You Make Of It? 
You can meet with Monique at her home base in Atlanta, or she can come to you. Either way, you'll spend the entire two days working together to review your business, your product suite and map out your live video marketing funnel + content strategy.
And if you worry that two days isn’t enough – don’t. Monique intuitively knows the questions she needs to ask to get to the heart of your problem. Having done this many times for her private clients, she has deep insights into the type of solutions that will or won’t work for your business.

At the end of the two days, you’ll not only have a clear vision of what you need to do to reach your goals, you’ll also have a plan to get there.
To schedule your In-Person VIP Day, simply click the button below, fill out the form, and tell us:
  •  When you’d like your 2 VIP Days to happen
  •  What you want help with when it comes to your online marketing funnel
Then we’ll coordinate a call to discuss the details.

If you choose to meet Monique in Atlanta, your In-Person 2-Day VIP session is $6000, not including travel and lodging.

If you prefer to have Monique fly to your location, $12,000 covers your 2-day VIP Session and Monique’s travel expenses.

Isn’t it time you got the clarity you need to scale your business’ growth and success? Stop funnel hacking solutions and get a custom online marketing funnel plan designed exclusively for your business. 
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